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Purposs logo - Purposs is a coaching practice that is dedicated to unlocking human potential.

Executive Coaching
Richard J Edge

Life, Maximised.

Its all in the name. Purpose + Possibility.

purpose is your direction.

possibility provides you opportunities.

Purposs logo - Purposs is a coaching practice that is dedicated to unlocking human potential.

power of now

Life is the most difficult exam and each of us have our own test paper. There is no magic answer. Not for you. Not for me.

And there is no perfect time to embark on a journey of progress and change. The only time we have is now. By working together we will explore  - 

  • Your True Potential

  • Personal Growth

  • Enhanced Self-Confidence

  • Clarity and Vision​

  • Accountability and Action​

  • Self-Reflection​

  • Emotional Resilience​

  • Better Decision-Making

  • Improved Work-Life Balance

  • Prioritisation

  • Improved Relationships

  • Career progression

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the coach

Richard J. Edge
Founder & Coach

I founded Purposs Coaching as my energy and sense of being comes from seeing people pursue and achieve more than they allowed themselves to believe. All too often we spend time talking ourselves out of our dreams and ambitions as we are afraid of failing, being judged or going against the advice of those around us. There is nothing more rewarding in life than working with someone who has committed to making change happen and standing alongside them as they do it. This is why I coach.

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Purposs logo - Purposs is a coaching practice that is dedicated to unlocking human potential.

The Process

defining success?

We start by understanding what you want to achieve and identifying how you will know when you have reached your destination. 


This is the powerful part of coaching. By working together we go on a voyage of self discovery to identify what is stopping you from achieving your goals, ambitions or finding the right path for you.


This is the lasting impact of coaching whereby you are equipped with greater self awareness and understanding and in turn you will have the skills to drive and maintain the change you are seeking.

This is a forever process.

We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.

How to kick it all off

The key to successful coaching is a commitment to making a change and then finding a coach you connect with. To really work on yourself requires an environment of maximum psychological safety so you can talk freely and openly and this can only happen if you feel trust and confidence in your coach. To provide this opportunity I offer a free 30 minute connection session where you get to explore coaching and get a feel for whether you can work with me. There is no hard sell and no obligation to continue. What you do after this call is purely down to you.

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